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Indicates the scope of industrial production companies most impacted by the 4.0 paradigm.

The set of processes connected to production is the one on which digitization based on IOT infrastructures generates greater competitive advantages by extending field automation tools. The IT solutions of ITER Consortium are added and integrated into the plant control systems to give value to the operational data (data and field measurements validated, organized, archived).

The functions enabling paradigm 4.0 in Operations are one or more of these combinations:


The digitization of field data (realtime measurements of the parameters of the production process) and subsequent storage on digital containers in the cloud (Big Data).


The real-time processing of measured data by indicators that transmit signals to automated control tools for real-time modification of production set-ups.


The display of indicators/alarms, trends of variables, behavior simulations, on dashboards to monitor real-time processes and guide operational decisions.

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Big Data Analytics
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