the right way…

IT solutions

The use of IT Solutions and digital technologiesis developed in 5 points:

as is the process of Digital Transformation for companies that want to expand and solidify their business. We help companies transform the data generated by operational processes into a wealth of knowledge and value to measure performance, identify objective critical issues and improve actions. The company formulates its strategic objectives. ITER Consortium designs and implements solutions to achieve them through the use of appropriate IT tools. ITER Consortium is the ideal partner because it knows “the right way” to guide and work alongside the company in this change. The final goal of the path is tailored individually with each company, in relation to the sector in which the company operates and the improvement you want to achieve:

Use of data and computing power: technologies such as sensors, software and applications allow you to collect and manage in real time a huge flow of data.

Optimization of all operations through precise and effective strategies that allow first to identify and then to overcome critical issues.

From the data collected it is necessary to derive value: the analysis allows us to understand where to act, when to do it and in what way, to improve the performance of the plants.

Identification and achievement of objectives through a specific strategy.

The data becomes a database of knowledge because it is stored in digital form, so that it can be accesed and updated in real time.

“The path presupposes that at every step the world changes some of its aspects, also assumes that something changes in us”.
(Italo Calvino)